About us

After Loes and her partner were told in 2013 that they could only conceive through IVF-ICSI, things changed a lot. They had high hopes and started their first IVF-ICSI process. After having had the painful puncture, Loes thought to herself “any woman who undergoes this, deserves a medal”. She felt the need to do something with this and started working out some ideas, which resulted in our uniquely designed pin.

However, during the process of designing the pin and telling people about it, Loes noticed there is a much bigger issue at stake: the changes between someone in a fertility process and their friends and family.

Loes and her best friend Charlotte noticed by simply talking to each other that there were a lot of questions, insecurities, ignorance and perhaps even some incomprehension between them. So they started asking each other these questions and telling each other how they both felt, and most importantly listen to what they both had to say.

Since 1 in 6 couples have fertility problems, everyone knows someone with this problem. Loes and Charlotte noticed it wasn’t just them who had difficulties with coping with this within their friendship and that other people were experiencing similar misunderstandings and ignorance on this subject. This inspired them into founding ‘A pin for your thoughts’.

Our aims

In march 2016, we officially launched our foundation during a benefit and now we strive to encourage conversation by offering tips and tricks. We want to explain the various fertility treatments there are and what they comprehend in a simple way. This can help to create a better understanding between someone going through a fertility process and their friends and family. By doing so, we hope to break the taboo surrounding fertility problems. Going through a fertility process is often a rough period in someone life and we know by experience that it makes it a lot easier when you have your family and friends close, being there to support you along the way.

The pin

Our uniquely designed pin helps with breaking the taboo surrounding fertility problems. We know something as breaking a taboo requires patience and it takes many small steps to get there. We don’t expect everyone start an open discussion about (in)fertility by tomorrow. But by wearing our pin you can show your understanding and support for people who find themselves in a fertility process, without having to put it down in words.

Second of all, by wearing our pin you acknowledge the issue of fertility problems/infertility which affects so many and generate attention for the matter, which hopefully leads to more knowledge and understanding. And last but not least, the entire profit of the pin goes to other initiatives concerning fertility problems.

The pin shows three symbols. First on the left you see the face of a woman. This stands for all the women undergoing treatments to get pregnant. They are powerful women. The second symbol is the heart in the neck of the woman. This stands for the people that show their support and stand behind the women. On the right side you see the bird, by which we try to say, whatever the outcome will be, children or no children, don’t let yourself be put in a cage, but always spread your wings and fly. The world has so much more to offer.

Special coupons

Did you know that we’ve developed special coupons for anyone who knows someone struggling with (in)fertility issues? These super fun coupons can be downloaded for free and given to someone in need of some well deserved distraction. Print and hand them out and go do something fun together!

Missing any information on this website? Let us know! Also make sure to check out our facebookpage for more information, articles and events.

Kind regards,
Loes, Charlotte & Petra